Specialty Flatbed Turnkey Team Coordination

A major client approached Safeway with a unique request:

– Arrange a crane to load a modified 20’ display container from a lot onto a flatbed

– Transport container on an air-ride flatbed to a major metro distribution center

– Arrange a crane to offload the container from the flatbed

– Secure a generator to power up the container and open the display

– Inventory the contents and identify reconditioning issues

– Draft an SOP for total display management

– Replicate the setup and teardown for a pending U.S. concert tour

Each service requirement came with challenges that had to be overcome. That’s where the Safeway Logistics team working in unison makes it all happen transparently to the client. From arranging the cranes to navigate both grass and gravel lots, to managing the labor, to having the right power for the container to drafting the SOPs…we make it look easy with a single point of contact.

Safeway Logistics Announces New Yard Management Services

Safeway Logistics is now providing our clients a specialized yard management service that includes:

  • New yard hostler equipment with hydraulic 5th wheel to minimize time to move trailers and maximize efficiencies
  • Experience Drivers with industry knowledge of best practices for yard management solutions
  • Existing solutions include
    • Period lot checks and trailer inventory reporting
    • Management and reporting of aging and/or underutilized equipment
    • Sweeping out of empty trailers
    • Identifying and reporting on returned trailers with excess material
    • Assisting in unloading the material on returned trailers, if requested
    • Yard clean up including looking for screws, nails and/or other debris
    • Any housekeeping items for trailers such as sorting ratchet straps, E-track bars, and load bars
Safeway Logistics Yard Management Solutions

Safeway Speciality Flatbed Services – Description of Services


  • All owner-ops, highly experienced professionals
  • All trailers are 48’ to 53’ step-decks, several with conestoga tarp systems
  • Service all 48 states, limited service to Canada
  • No Mexico-direct service. No hazmat
  • UIIA interchange allows us access most steamship containers, Long Beach and LA ports
  • TWIC cards held by drivers
  • We specialize in “special” loads, projects, unusual shipments that demand high-quality.
  • On-time delivery exceeds 99.8%, claim-free delivery is 99.9%. We do what we say we will
  • Riggers are involved in many of our loads so being on time is mandatory. Our loads are many times crane off-load and roof installed. Others are forklift unload at site requiring flatbed only, on-time delivery is critical as well, every time!
  • Examples of products that we typically move are Medical MRI’s, Machinery, Trade Shows, Projects, High-Value Equipment, Art & Sculptures, etc.
  • Only air-ride truck and trailers to reduce/limit road shock to product
  • Single-drop flatbeds preferred to limit load and unload lifting height
  • Fully-equipped with nylon straps and/or chains for proper DOT cargo securement
  • Day and time specific loading to meet shipping schedules
  • 24 hour pre-calls to shipping to confirm load day and time
  • Day and time specific delivery to meet rigging and install schedules
  • 24 hour pre-call to consignee contacts to inspect/confirm route and time
  • Ability to adapt to and comply quickly with short-notice changes in shipping


Flatbed Transportation by Safeway Logistics

Flatbed Transportation by Safeway Logistics