Fleet Augmentation and Short Notice Transportation

October 5, 2018 | POSTED BY: Safeway Logistics
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When the largest windows and doors manufacturer in the U.S. needs fleet augmentation on the fly, they called Safeway Logistics. We customized a solution for them using our fleet of professional drivers and more than 100 agents across the country. With access to this national pool of drivers and agents, they can ensure project completion even while short-staffed, and with very short notice.

“We’ve had a long and successful relationship with this client,” said John Starks, Safeway’s Senior VP of Business Development. “We’ve helped satisfy their fleet augmentation needs more than 1,000 times so far.”

A Custom Solution Becomes a Popular Offering

While Safeway’s innovative short notice transportation solution was developed for a specific client, we’ve customized it for many other clients to help with their fleet augmentation needs. We can tailor it for you, too!

“We’re a leading provider of specialized transportation. Safeway Logistics has the experience and personnel to meet a variety of driver and tractor requests across the country with as little as two business days’ notice.” said John.

How Does it Work?

We work tirelessly to provide consistent and satisfying customer experiences. Our fleet augmentation clients work with a single-point-of-contact to fully assess their needs and create an action plan. Any unexpected staffing gaps can be resolved quickly and efficiently with our fully-staffed fleet of professional drivers. Our drivers are all well-trained in the best practices of handling special products; and all are ready at a moment’s notice.

Plus, we offer direct Less-Than-Load (LTL) and other modes of transport to help manage customers’ immediate delivery concerns while their fleet augmentation solutions are put into place. This allows time for their private fleet to catch up once their own drivers are operational again.

Whether you need drivers for just a few days, or for several weeks, Safeway has a proven value-added solution ready to go. We’ll ensure you can pass that consistency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction on to your own customers.

“We’ve gotten some amazing feedback on this solution,” said John. “I’m not aware of any other carrier that can match us with a specialized power-only fleet, with as much coverage, and as quickly as we can. Our on-demand solution has become an indispensable part of many clients’ fleet services.”

Experience Paired with Innovation.

Experience our dedication to quality specialty transport and customer satisfaction first hand. Put Safeway Logistics’ long history of innovative custom solutions and our expansive network of service providers to work for you. Call us at 800-545-2899 7 AM to 6 PM ET, Monday through Friday, or email blog@safewaylogisticsus.com.

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