Rocket Sled to Washington, D.C.

On August ninth, Safeway Logistics’ Flatbed Transportation embarked on the historic task of transporting the Sonic Wind 1 rocket Sled (all 8,000 pounds of it!) 1,924 miles from Alamogordo, NM to the Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hangar at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA.

There it will be prepared for display in the upcoming exhibit “SPEED” at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Dr. (Col.) John Stapp manned the sled repeatedly to test the effects of acceleration on the human body. He set a ground speed record of 632 miles per hour, and provided invaluable data which resulted in development of safer tools and practices for the U.S. Air Force and, ultimately, NASA.

Where has the Sonic Wind 1 been?

The U.S. Air Force entrusted the sled to the Smithsonian in 1966. Since that time, it remained at the John P. Stapp Air and Space Park at the New Mexico Museum of Space History.

Until Safeway Logistics had the honor of handling the safe loading, transport, and delivery of the precious cargo.

Want to know more?

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Safeway Logistics Announces New Yard Management Services

Safeway Logistics is now providing our clients a specialized yard management service that includes:

  • New yard hostler equipment with hydraulic 5th wheel to minimize time to move trailers and maximize efficiencies
  • Experience Drivers with industry knowledge of best practices for yard management solutions
  • Existing solutions include
    • Period lot checks and trailer inventory reporting
    • Management and reporting of aging and/or underutilized equipment
    • Sweeping out of empty trailers
    • Identifying and reporting on returned trailers with excess material
    • Assisting in unloading the material on returned trailers, if requested
    • Yard clean up including looking for screws, nails and/or other debris
    • Any housekeeping items for trailers such as sorting ratchet straps, E-track bars, and load bars
Safeway Logistics Yard Management Solutions

Safeway Logistics Announces Aquistion of Unigroup Logistics Specialty Flatbed

Safeway Logistics, a specialized transportation and logistics services provider headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, announced today that it has acquired UniGroup Logistics Specialty Flatbed, based in Fort Wayne, IN. Safeway has been managing specialized transportation and logistics for over 45 years. Through the years, Safeway has received numerous awards which include safety, hauling volume, sales, and logistics making this merger an ideal fit for both UniGroup and Safeway.

“Safeway has a long history of planning customized solutions, problem solving and managing specialized truckload and LTL transportation, as well as warehousing and reverse logistics,” said Ed Hart, president and CEO of The Safeway Companies. “We see this merger as a nice addition to our services portfolio. In some cases, this will fill a gap in service for some of our existing clients allowing us to provide a more comprehensive solution for the special products industry.”

Following our merger in January 2016, UniGroup Logistics Specialty Flatbed now operates as Safeway Logistics Specialty Flatbed the specialty flatbed business unit of Safeway.